Stress and Worrying

Morning World My name is Nathan. I live with my misses (Sarah) and two kids Lilly and Sidney. My Life! I, Myself suffers from alopecia and stress! I like to share and talk about my experiences under stress and also hear other people how they felt and what help them?

Worrying also has effect on my life, always battling things in your head tiring yourself out leaving no space to think. Example; Leaving the house and i know I’ve locked the window but i question myself then the battle begins shell i turn round to check?

When i find myself starting to battle my mind i stop and think whats the point in battling something whats 2 days away or weeks. Just wait until it happens then deal it in the real world as most of the things i think about are over more exaggerated than what they really are.

Please comment if you have things to share. Talking to people is the cure i believe.

Kind Regards and always smile



Source: First Blog(Stress)

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