Today I have seen that we now have lol surprise in Tesco’s UK!

Lilly my daughter watches YouTube regarding lol surprises, she was begging me to get her some. Went on the internet to buy this product it wasn’t available in the UK and I was tempted to get one shipped over!

I’m glad to see these in the UK as they are a fantastic surprise doll with series 1 with 45 to collect!

The dolls there self are full of bright colours, special names and a lovely scent to them. Each doll has special things they do like spit, change colour, wee and cry! The ball its self can be a purse or a chill out area for your new doll! Please see pictures above which shows each stage of unwrapping. 10/10 from Lilly and 10/10 from me being a big kid!

Thank you for visiting and happy playing!











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  1. Aaww! The gift is adorable! ❤

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  2. My moon would love this. Hahaha – Sun

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