🎲Friday is Game🎲 day

Every Friday i will be putting up a new game. please join in 😀 fun fun fun!

Picture 1. What could this be?
Picture 2 what could this be?
Picture 3 what could this be?
Last but not least.

Good luck.


Add yours →

  1. It’s hard..lol.. I think I know what #1 is

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  2. Ahahaha what you think the #1 is? Lol


  3. I think number 2 is a potato peeler


  4. A pizza cutter? Is the 3rd a razor?


  5. And the 4th lol


  6. Oh damn I’m not sure what 3 and 4 is but 1 is a body puff sponge?


  7. Is the 4th a heinz can? Lol


  8. Number one is that scruby thingy u put your body wash on? 😄


  9. 1..a scourer thing or body wash…no idea on the others…no 3 looks scary


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  11. Thank you for playing the anwsers are as following.body scrubber, Pizza cutter, toilet roll, minion. Regards


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