Quick trip down memory lane!

Hi all!

We decided to take a walk where i was brought up and played all the time making dens, catching frogs, climbing trees. I was a big tree climber to be fair i spent most of my time in trees! Yes ive fell of them a few times and luckly i always used to get caught up in the bushes so never hurt myself that bad. Please have a look at the pictures. 

This is where we use to catch frogs, beetles, tadpoles, frog spawn. I had a little pond in my garden where we use to put the frog spawn! Only rarely we would catch a newt.

One tree missing. Use to climb here alot.
I had to climb the tree one last time!
The tunnel to our secret den!
The branch that is broken now used to be where we hung a rope and used it for a swing. I remember my grandad (Rip) gave us some long rope from his boat and a pully that we used as a zip line. so much fun.
Under all that ivory is a pole where we used to climb from the top and slide down.
We use to make many bridges across here some failed ofcourse.
The massive field that wasnt flat so we had to learn to jump and run! We done it so much we knew where holes where. We also use to make straw dens!

Thank you so much for looking at my journey to the past. Things seem alot bigger when you was younger. I managed to climb the trees but wouldnt be able to do it all day like we used to. 

Before the blog i was meaning to come down to my home town but never had a chance but i have now! 

Amazing, makes you feel good. Brings back lots of memories.

Everyone welcome


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  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful/peaceful place to grow up in. P. S., there is nothing more beautiful in this life than green trees and landscapes… Thanks for sharing


  2. Thank you for you nice comment. It was a good up bringing always outside didnt stay in much. I hope you are well.


  3. Dean Turner ( Deano ) February 20, 2017 — 3:54 pm

    Good to see you’re doing well Nathan 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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