This story is all about my experience with alopecia.


I was roughly 18 at the time enjoying college doing sport and leisure as my dream job was to become a gym instructor to help others to train hard and reach there goals.

You can ask anyone my hair was me, a bit over the top now i look back on photos, longish straight hair, blonde streaks, always gelled, I was constantly checking in mirrors to see if my hair is ok!

Well.. one day i woke up in my girlfriends bed and i saw lots of hair on my pillow and hers, for some reason i thought this was her dog hair but it wasn’t, i realized when i had a shower my hair was pouring out like the water i was washing it with. I was scared and confused why am i losing my hair?

I didn’t know about alopecia at the time so i just kept hoping and hoping that it will stop. Every day was a day of more loss of hair. until one day I came back home drunk rocking on the sofa debating what to do but I went bravely got the electric shavers i shaved it completely off.

I got use to being bald in the end, it wasn’t until my eye brows and eye lashes fell out then i began to think what is happening to me? Amazing just by losing my eye browns/lashes I had no expression on my face. I didn’t look like myself anymore. I soon lost every bit of hair on my body. Which for a fully grown man doesn’t seem right and my confidence was shattered.

I left my dream to be a fitness instructor. I left college. I left my girlfriend, and pretty much locked myself away from the world!

Soon after i left college my tutor called me saying i may have a apprentice at a gym and the manager would like me to come in for a interview. The joys of hearing this. thank you to the collage and the tutor i could still reach my dream! But i was always haunted thinking what other people will think of me because not alot of people know or seen this condition before, i was worried and excited still.

Good news! I got the job and i worked as a fitness instructor about 3 years then i moved onto sales side of things what i enjoy more and hopefully a future in sales.

My hair did grow back which I was really lucky about but my eye brows and lashes still didn’t, but my confidence started to return I started living my life again doing what normal 18 year old lads do. Until one day I went out to a snooker bar with my friends, I went to to toilet looked in the mirror and styled my nice full head of thick hair that I had proudly grown back when it just came out into my hands in clumps again! So.. here is was again back to square one my confidence just shot through the floor and I just wanted to go home and hide back away.

In the end i got use to my hair not being there and grew confident in myself, people will always ask what has happened to my hair as I am now left with patches, they sometimes get better and I look like my hair thick and dark but it can also go the other way and have lots of bald patches and my hair looks really light. I used to lie as I couldn’t bare telling people that I had this condition but now I have nothing to hide, I am proud of who I am and I am happy to talk to people about the condition. Alopecia is where your body attacks your hair folicals it can be caused my shock, stress worrying or for no reason at all. I have always believed that it happened to me after my Grandad died of cancer (RIP) I as very close to him he was such a promenant figure in my life and someone I looked up too, I used to bike 14 miles a day to visit him.

When I first realized I had alopecia I was in a dark place, not many people had heard of this condition and I had never seen anyone with it. i hid myself away and didn’t want to talk to anyone in case they judged me. But now I am strong, I am who I am whether  I have hair or not, if anything it has made me stronger and also made me realise you cannot judge anyone. The saying is right don’t judge a book by its cover!

I am no author but wanted to share my story with you all. Everyone is welcome to ask questions or guidance if you have experienced or experiencing anything like this yourself. Please see pictures.

Thank you for your time. All ways look on the bright side of life. 

here i lost it all!!
Hair grew back but not my eye brows and eye lashes.


Everyone welcome



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  1. Thanks for sharing the story. Very recognizable. I got alopecia when I was just 15. I am 46 now and though it took time, I am used to it now and comfortable with it. As youvsay, it helps to be open about it. No need to hide away though I did that myself too first when I had it.

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    • Thank you for your comment.The hardest bit is to be open to public eithen friends but when it was out no one judged. I still from this day get people asking but im more then happy to tell people what it is and explain as then they will understand it more. If more people are aware of it then it will help others in the future. Always stay postive we are still the same person



  2. Even..sorry


  3. Hi there, it’s really good that you feel comfortable about your condition now. I can see myself on your story. I got alopecia since when I was 20. I’m nearly 28 now and I also have bald patches. I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes too. But really, talk about the condition with others is the best for us and everyone around us.

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    • I totaly agree and thank you so much for your comment. How i stand now is i have eyebrowns and eyelashes not the best but they are there, my patches have got worse but i want to use my experience to help others as it doesnt bother me to speak out. Do you feel comfortable with alopecia now? The more people know about the condition the more likely people will understand. Im so glad you are open to alopecia i find when i wasnt i was worrying,stressed and it made my hair worse! well done for that it is a big step. I will watch your youtube now. Thank you again.


      • Yeah I’m ok now with the condition. I go out without a hat which I couldn’t a few years ago. I shave my head everyday just to make look more normal. Lol. I probably helped understand of people now just my sharing my story. They contact me asking to speak with their sons or someone they know. The feedback from them makes me feel that I’ve got alopecia for a reason.. Just like you want to help others too.


      • Im so glad. Maybe we cant achieve a cure but helping people through this is just as good. I remember putting a towel on my head when i anwsered the door just so people didnt see my head! Also when i lost my eyebrowns and eyelashes i had a hat but it covered where my eyebrowns should be. Ok alopecia doesnt really effect your health but can cause stress, depression and so on. It breaks my heart seeing people go through it young or old. I will be following your blog sir. Thank you for your time you are a good man.


      • That you for that. I don’t really post on that blog anymore.. Maybe one day.. hope you do great things in the future and if you want you can always reach out for an alopecia friend. =)

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      • Thank you. Im always here too. Takecare my friend.

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  4. I did a video once sharing my experience.

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  5. I cant seem to clink on your link? What can i put into youtube to see your channel? Kind regards


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  7. Thanks for sharing your story! As a female diagnosed with Alopecia (not to your extent), I never realized it was just as devastating to men, naively thinking a man can just shave his hair off and that would be the end of the story. I look forward to reading (and learning) more from you!


    • Everyone welcome March 6, 2017 — 3:09 pm

      Thank you for your comment. It was very hard to shave my hair as i loved my style of hair. The eyebrowns and eyelashes was the hardest bit. I can see it would be alot harder for a lady to loose the hair but im one not to judge we are all human. The more people understand alopecia the better it will be in the future. What breaks my heart is seeing children who have it can cause a hard life boy or girl with this condition. Thank you again for your comment be strong and stay safe.

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  8. This happened to a friend of mine. Women in her 40’s. Dr said stress brought it in. I think she did take a medication. Don’t remember what. Hers grew back. It is an odd thing but it makes senses.

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  9. Great blog I didn’t know what alopecia was till now. I am sorry you had to go through so much. You seem to be very positive which is great. I believe what we go through can sometimes make us better people. I myself struggle with anxiety worrying what people think but I am working on myself. Also I noticed your a Scorpio which is cool I am to. I am a Scorpio/ Sagittarius.

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