Its friday so the game is on.

People are finding more then me lol i can find 14! Even though i made the game there might be more to spot. Crazy! Thanks brook!!

I will be putting the anwsers of last weeks game on the page comments please have a look its on my blog.

Can you see all of them????????


Add yours →

  1. 1. The green thing on the roof
    2. The flowery looking thing on the green thing.
    3. The white and red pointy thing from behind the washroom.
    4. The washroom signs.
    5. The cat.
    6. One of the bulbs.
    7. The flag.
    8. The black thing from inside one of the wash rooms.
    9. A tap
    10. The reflection through the glass behind the taps.
    11. A branch of the tree
    12. The flower on the grass under the tree.
    13. The yellow bird on the tree!

    *yay* πŸ˜„βœŒ

    Ps: happy birthday to your little boy!


  2. Hi Nathan,
    I am linking to you tomorrow. Be sure to come by my blog party to see why. Here is the link. It will work at 2:00 am Pacific time.

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  3. Sorry janice. Did you say you was doing another party get together. Hope you ok.


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